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I am glad that i passed plab 2 in a very short period.Attended Dr swamy plab 2 training course at ilford uk.may 7th was my exam and i started prep on apr 3rd only.

some advice to those who are coming to uk for plab 2

first get a place near the centre to live
spareroom.co.uk  is a good website where you can search for rooms for rent and make sure you have a place closeby.I used this site and got a good room for around 480 pounds per month
My advice - accomodation at plab cnetre is expensive and have to share with many.Not for me esp when i am studying!
post code you should search for the place close to plab trainer would be IG1

Join Plab trainer swamy
plab trianer is a good old centre guiding ppl to clear plab 2.you join atleast 2 months in advance of your test date.find a good partner matching your calibre and do practice again and again.practice makes a man pass plab 2

what to listen and what not to
beware of ppl who are good repeaters and bad repeaters
some ppl who fail give you advice which is sometimes a treasure
somee ppl just misguide you
whatever is been told to you by whomsoever, what dr swamy says should be final

do mock tests
do mock tests as well as mannequin mocks as many times as you can which will build confidence and when u reach GMC for real exam you feel realxed as you get a fmiliar feel

eat well  sleep well socialise
even while preparing make sure you eat healthy  drink lots of water
every weekend go to some place to relax. remember you need a fresh mind to think well

To Manchester
plan your trip and stay at manchester well in advance

good luck to all who are about to take plab 2

happy to help if you have any qns