Tuesday, October 27, 2015

LION COMICS a great quality comics in tamil


My childhood was really made fantastic by these comic books.
Started as a serendipity ....when I was curiously exploring  the attic in my grandfather's house at Dindigul,I found an issue of muthu comics -guess who...it was Irumbukkai Maayawi....he impressed me with his ability to vanish on contacting electricity.
Sat in the dim lit attic and I got down from the attic only after completing that book in one go.
It was  my Mosi's book, asked her about lion comics.She introduced me to this world of lion - muthu comics and managed to buy me a couple.

After which I never missed reading the comics ....it was hard to get one those days.Sometimes from friends, sometimes discovered from old book shops......the fun never ended.I am happy that i had a glimpse of comic heros  which made my childhood very interesting.
Worth mentioning about Thigil comics (from the same publishers) ......reading those comics had given me many goosebumps and spine chills!!
Rarity increases the charm and lion - muthu comic reading continued when i was in my medical college .....reading comics on and off......rarer to get in that period as well.
Later when I left India, sailing the seven seas, had not had a chance to follow my favourite comics........

Lion Muthu comics now has come back in a great size and shape
The books are on par with western standards in print quality, colour graphics as well as variety.
I was so thrilled  to hold the new gen lion muthu comic book .....bringing those black and white memories  in 1080P HD colour in this neo age!

Now it has become a habit that I bulk order the previous issues whenever I visit home in india.
Age is not a factor to read comic books.....comic lovers can only understand my statement.

I would like to let comic lovers know (if not noticed yet) about this rejuvenation of lion  muthu comics
you can buy books online


To speak to them directly/visit
89, Chairman PKSAA Road,
Ammankoilpatti, SIVAKASI 626 189.
Tel : 04562 - 272649
Cell 98423 19755


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