Sunday, May 27, 2007


International Fellowship in Emergency Medicine
A 2 year PG Fellowship under George Washington University,USA
Under direct guidance of Ronald Regan institute of Emergency Medicine-
Supported by IIEMS –India
MIMS-calicut KIMS- Trivandrum
Interview at mims on june 8th/9th.
Contact MIMS/KIMS for latest info.
Dr Venugopal P P
Chief of Emergency Medicine- MIMS can be contacted by mail directly at
he is very much helpful in guiding to know more about this fellowship

Fellowship is not recognized by IMC.
Entire 4,00,000/- will be credited towards the course fee of IFEM only.
ACLS ,ITLS, PALS are not included in 4 lacs . But MIMS may be able to provide these courses at 50% rate for fellow students.
Duty details
a stipend of 12,000/- rupees ,
day duty will be 8am to 5pm.
5 night duties per month.
eligible for weekly off, night off, plus three leave per month.
Extra duties will be paid separately.
Fee remittance schedule-
2,00,000/- before admission, 1,00,000/- at 6 months,50,000/-at 12th month and 50,000/- at 18th month.
try to provide economy accommodation.
program is recognized in more than 30 countries world wide.
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