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KMM International Centre for Senior Citizens and Geriatric Hospital is sponsored by KMM Educational & Charitable Trust, constituted in memory of late Mathew J. Kollemparambil, a great humanitarian and visionary and is dedicated for the welfare of senior citizens.
The KMM Trust is a non-profit charitable institution and is headed by Prof. V.J. Pappoo, formerly Pro-Vice-Chancellor of the Cochin and Calicut Universities, as the Chief Executive Trustee. The institution is on its way to implement many innovative and futuristic projects.
Governing Body
Prof. V.J Pappoo Managing Director
Dr.Joshi Joseph Director
P.Unnikrishnan Executive Director
( * Member of American Geriatrics Society and Geriatrics Society of India, Authorised Agency for Certification under GSCC, United Kingdom )
PG Diploma in Geriatrics Care (Dip. in. GC)
Geriatrics is that branch of medicine dealing with the diagnosis and treatment of illnesses due to ageing. Geriatrics being an emerging field and Geriatric services and welfare services to senior citizens in an organized way being relatively new, there is dearth of qualified personnel in the field.
A number of new institutions for the care and protection of senior citizens will also be established in the years to come. Therefore, Doctors, nursing staff, medical support staff and social work personnel acquiring additional qualifications in the area of Geriatric services and Gerontechnology are likely to have better employment opportunities in India and abroad.
The medical speciality of Geriatrics began in Western countries for the medical and psychological support of the senior citizens. This specialization has been a necessity in those countries due to the social and family environment prevailing there.
The modern family set up in India too warrants the need of Geriatrics as one of the most important fields of medical and social work professions. This is a unique institution, first of its kind in the whole of India, providing training in Geriatrics care to medical professionals, clinical support staff and social workers.

This 6 months Diploma programme is treated as "ADAPTATION PROGRAMME" in countries like US, UK, ireland, australia, etc. and 240 hrs credit system is given.
Transport for this course will also be issued by the Academy on request. For this purpose, one additional photograph is required to be submitted by the candidate along with the answer sheets.
Eligibility for Admission
Degree/Diploma in any branch of medicines including Ayurveda and Homoeopathy, MSW, Sociology, Psychology, Home Science, Nursing, Physiotherapy and Paramedical Sciences and social workers.
Admission - Based on above eligibility
Duration - Three months correspondence programmeto 6 months (3 months theory and 3 months field work (dessertation

The following are the detailed syllabi in the Post Graduate Diploma in Geriatrics Care (DGC) course conducted by this Academy.
Duration : 6 months (3 months orientation and 3 months field work)
Theory Papers
Introduction to Geriatrics Care (Geriatrics Care, Philosophy and Scope, Geriatrics Medicine, Historical review of health care for the elderly, Development of Geriatrics in India, Gerontology, Gerontechnology, Future of Gerontechnologiests and Geriatrics specialists, Ageing Scenario – Global – India & Kerala – Health Literacy in Older People – United Nations Principles for Older People – World Elders Day)
Biology of Ageing (What is Ageing, Theories of Ageing, Microscopic Theories, Changes in Ageing scenario, interactions between Biological, psychological, physiological and social processes in Ageing – Double and Triple – Jeopardy Hypothesis – Old age across cultures and time – images of ageing across culturally – social psychology of ageing)
Geriatrics Care and Modern Medicine (Anatomy – Infectious diseases – Falls and Fractures – Hyper tension – ZDM – Mind over body – Depression, Dementia – Palliative Care)
Geriatrics Care and other branches of Medicine (Homeopathy, Ayurveda & Alternate Medicine)
Environment and Housing for the Elderly (Housing & environment, enabling personal abilities – Universal design, housing for the elderly, sheltered dwellings, understanding the design implication of ageing, design factors in housing, concept of life time houses, designing for special needs)
Geriatric Counseling and Guidance (Factors contributing to the emergence of counseling, introduction to Basic Principles of Counseling, Effective approaches in counseling, basic counseling techniques, qualities necessary for a counselor, confidentiality, process and skills of addiction counseling, therapeutic relationship with the client, goal setting)
Dietetics for Geriatrics Care (Nutrition in Old age, various types of food habits)
Rehabilitation of the Elderly (Retirement Plans, Physical fitness, holidays and travel, grand parenting, computer and seniors, WILL, To age with grace and dignity)
¨ Agencies for the welfare of the Elderly (Various agencies for rehabilitation, how to make a WILL, Shaping the future of health care for Older Adults)
Project work :
Desertation field work on topics related to senior citizens
Total Marks 1000 Total credit hours 240

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