Monday, April 9, 2007

AUTOBIOGRAPHY OF A YOGI-paramahansa yogananda

Autobiography of a yogi is a unique book of its kind as
as far as i know no yogi has written a book on himself!!
swamiji narrates his life journey which thrills spiritually intrested people.
he has described about his family ,his guru sri yukteswar giri and many saints/sadhus whom he met
like- perfume saint- who could create any fragrance at his will,
tiger swami, levitating saint, sleeples saint,never-eating woman yogi and many more.....
what impressed me the most is the conversation between swamiji and his guru(after the death of guru) that explains about life after death in an easily understandable manner....
swamiji wants us not to be dogmatic but to experience GOD ourself!!
his american visit and other details also are narrated.
price Rs 125/ but really a treasure!!

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