Wednesday, April 4, 2007


Written in a shoe shop:
Time wounds all heels!!
Hot heads and Cold hearts
Never solved anything!
In tough times you will always find two hands eagerly waiting to help you….
And those hands will be at the end of your own arms!
In a day when you don’t come across any problems-
You can be sure that you are traveling in the wrong path….
Some men join army because they are single and they like war….
Other men join army because they are married and they love peace….!
When a newly married man looks happy…people know why!
When a 10 year married man looks happy...people wonder why?
Every king was once a crying baby and
Every great building was once a blueprint.
It’s not where you are today but
Where you will reach tomorrow!!
2 most powerful personalities to be blamed for India’s world cup cricket defeat….
1. INDIRA GANDHI-for creating Bangladesh!
2. HANUMAN-for not destroying srilanka completely!
Teacher asks- which animal is the biggest...ant or elephant?
Sardar- tells date of birth of those animals first!
According to all sardars Moon is more important than Sun….because
Moon gives light at night when light is needed and
Sun gives light during day when light is not needed!!
A student during an exam was given a question paper and answer sheet…..
He argued with his teacher…
“There are questions in the question paper….but where are the answers in the answer paper?”
It’s a fact that when a baby is born doctors slap its face to make it start breathing…..
Rare are exceptional cases like yours….
When you were born…... the doctor slapped himself

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