Thursday, March 8, 2007


airtel is providing internet service via mobile phones..called net on phone.

for Rs.375/month u can have unlimited access to the net...

i am also using one!

PROBLEM: every time when your validity period is over the gprs connection gets disconnected.after recharging it takes nearly 30-36 hours to reactivate the service.they say that "normally" it takes 24 hrs time reactivate the service!

i would lik to share my experience when i call customer care(?) executive....

when i describe the above problem the CCE just keeps on telling only one sentence"your gprs facility will be activated in 24 hrs sir"

i was once confused whether i am talking to an automated reply voice.

even if i call cce after 36 hrs of recahrging for net ,cce has the same answer for me....!

i wanted to clear the problem and sent a mail to airtel customer service.....!

there also i am just getting similar reply...but it is automated reply e mail....i know that.

so what's the point?

my questions-

what exactly is the role of CCE?.......a substitute to automated response?

if reactivation takes 24 hours "normally" , how do they manage to disconnect the service exactly when the validity period ends?people! they dont even allow a millisecond excess!

when the customer service e mail is generating only automated responses...what is the logic in having such a service?

any one out there who has got answers for my Q.s?

i feel this is the fate of a consumer in india!!!!

u can correlate with the picture above!

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Prahalathan said...

Airtel may provide good service. But it amazes me how they manage to find the most dumbest of morons to be their CCEs