Saturday, March 17, 2007


This site is really cool.....
i was closely watching the stock market,stock exchange etc and it was Greek and Latin for me a year back
though i was interested to invest in shares which many think is a gamble...i found it to be an intellectual thing!
how i understood the basics and started share trading....from an individual who changes the channel when they are discussing about the points stock- exchange has gained or lost to a person enthusiastically waiting for stock-exchange
it is really very useful site for beginners and even advanced stock traders
there is a dictionary explaining those technical terms...tutorials to guide ask me column to clear your doubts on trading
best is the STOCK SIMULATOR GAME in which you are given a dummy demat account and some virtual money, i think 10000bucks with which you can "play"this stock game and get to know how it works!
so people....those who were thinking for long to invest in stocks/mutual funds but lack a good guidance can get details and even try their skills in the simulator game to understand the process......

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